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Why Hot Dog?

‘Hot Dog” is a happy expression.

It’s like yelling “Yahoo” or “Yabba Dabba Doo!” It’s an excited, joyful, and proud exclamation of success. Our role in facilitating business owners toward higher levels of success is challenging, fulfilling, and joyful. When goals are achieved, we can’t help saying to ourselves Hot Dog! We did it!

As a business owner, you lean hard into your work. You often are working too much “IN” the business and not enough “ON” the business… often falling short in your drive for excellence. Find it harder and harder to hold onto that which makes your business unique. You wish you can be in two places at once, wish you had more hours in the day with some regrets, and even a desire for a “do-over” here or there. Our role is to get you to a place where you have time to work “ON” your business, increase your bandwidth and assist you in making better decisions. You can grow your business and still stay true to your quality standards, values and find a healthy work/life balance and enjoy the process along the way. When you reach those milestones… When you succeed along the way, you’re going to want to yell, Hot Dog!

 to Develop Opportunities and Growth

to Develop Opportunities and Growth

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Joel Volk – My Journey

I created my first successful business at 16 years of age. After selling the business 7-years later, I joined Mercury Document Imaging at what was to be a temporary job.

I quickly learned the business, was good at it, and realized that document management technology could be a fabulous long-term career.

Within 5-years, I was promoted to General Manager and purchased the company. During my 36-year tenure, I worked with my team and successfully pivoted the company through many iterations, navigating through countless major technology changes and ultimately becoming a cutting-edge document technology company, highly respected in the industry.

In 2014 Mercury was recognized by Xerox and given its prestigious, “Partner of the Year“ award . Mercury received this award above 1,440 other worthy partners in the USA.

I’m also extremely proud that Mercury led the country’s Xerox community for Customer Service Excellence from 2004-2018.

In 2018, Mercury was acquired by Visual Edge Technology and I was retained as President. During the 3-year transition, with the help of an amazing team, Mercury continued to grow even though the pandemic.

In 2019 I began hosting Small BizCast… …a bi-monthly podcast called where I interview “Small Business Heroes” who share their stories and impart their wisdom.

Small BizCast has been well received by its loyal audience and has seen a steady growth in downloads and popularity.

In July of 2021, after fulfilling my commitment, I resigned as President of Mercury to begin Hot Dog Business Growth… A counseling practice to help Small Business Heroes achieve their goals and reach new heights.

I’m excited to work with you to grow your business,


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The Team

We’ve curated a group of expert consultants to support you and your business with whatever current or future challenges you need to overcome – from business dsruption, to process development, to conflict resolution.

Our Clients

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