Our Services

With 40+ years of practical experience, we have developed best practices for the execution of ideas, professional growth, constructive communication, employee relations and sales strategies including compensation, pricing, market and more such as:

CEO & Leadership Counseling

Owners and Leadership Counseling – Lonely at The Top? Growing and Scaling while maintaining high standards and quality is a common concern. Maintaining a balanced personal and work life is nearly impossible without having someone to lean on.

One-on-one counseling is a great investment for those finding themselves in these positions. We are very experienced, empathetic, appropriately blunt, and honest. You will be your best self when working with us.

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Sales Counseling for Individuals

Even the best salespeople need help with challenging opportunities. We are experts in helping move the ball forward, working on an ongoing basis to develop talent and grow results. If you’re leading a sales team and you have that one person you know can succeed but needs just a little more attention, use us as a resource!

Sales Team Growth

Need to develop a compensation package to attract the best talent? Do you need help with recruiting and onboarding? This specific area was one of our biggest challenges in business. With years of dedication to fine-tune our strategy, we have developed a battle-tested, winning process. Learn how to build a successful sales team.

Sales Management Support & Sales Leadership Support

Even the best sales teams need direction, structure, and accountability. The secret sauce to growing a successful sales team is stability. Stability comes from leadership. Sales leadership is expensive unless you use a Fractional Sales Manager. Hot Dog Business Growth! will train and act as a counselor for your existing Sales Manager to help them be more effective as leaders

Pricing Strategies

Finding the balance in pricing is a huge challenge and takes an experienced business leader to achieve. Pricing is also a moving target always in flux. Let our team help you develop a strategy to boost your marketing efforts that will help you continue to be agile and responsive as your business evolves.

Customer Services: Assessment & Training

We have spent decades successfully building businesses while providing world-class customer service. We will use our vast experience to help you and your business provide the type of customer service which will result in client loyalty and a stream of referrals!

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Team Building

We have spent years building the type of team synergy that results in positive relationships and improved results and loyal staff champions. Let Joel and the Hot Dog team help improve morale and results in your company! #LifetimeValueofEmployees

We Relish What Our Clients Say About Us

Sarah Rosenberg - Cinergy Construction

"Joel has given invaluable insight and shone light on what were once my blind spots. He helps me hone sharper edges to every tool in my kit so I am better-equipped to respond to leads and turn them into clients."

Eliana Schulner - Real Estate Professional

"Joel helped me to be much more confident in my business! He taught me how to network better and helped me to figure out how to advertise myself. He helped me manage my time efficiently to focus on growing my business. I would recommend Joel to anyone who is starting out and needs guidance."

Alvin Burrell, III - VP, Senior Relationship Manager

"Joel has been essential in identifying areas for improving my interactions within my network as well as maximizing my strengths to build meaningful relationships. I have found a renewed sense of enthusiasm in seeking out new opportunities each week!"

Danny Meza - Meza Landscape

"Joel’s advice and perspective have helped me be a better business person and build a better business. From time management and hiring to finance and procedures, Joel’s insights have been invaluable. Joel’s direct yet nurturing style makes hearing uncomfortable truths constructive and meaningful."